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Mass media forms thrive today. As development show itself scientifically, students experience various media forms through technologies. These flourishing materials shouldn’t be ignored; it is the role of ESL teachers to keep abreast with the present day coinciding language instructions to mass media forms as springboards of originally planned language tasks in attuning the interests of students that the real- world situation is constantly exposing them. There exist a one- to- one correspondence between technology and the mass media. As technology rises, mass media develops several forms that can be activated as operative materials in intellectually influencing interested individuals. To be able to discover these materials’ educational potentials, teachers need to discover the essence of media literacy by evaluating their viability, themselves.

Environmental changes influence learners prompting creative teacher’s initiative to employ innovation in constructing activities that cater to students’ interests for the promotion of interactive classrooms. The creation of collaborative instructional setting replaces learners’ tediousness and welcomes newly designed ideas that ensure knowledge absorption. This concept is not to absolutely replace mandated textbooks but expressing creativeness out of media forms may serve as tools to expand learning horizons of learners.

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